stock code: 300393
Solar Cells
NTOPCon patent holder
9BB N-type Bifacial Solar Cell
Product Model
Product description
High conversion efficiency with high reliability
No light-induced degradation
Uniform cell performance with stable process control
Both sides can generate electricity
Low mismatch of cell performance during encapsulation
Excellent power generation performance under low irradiation
Low hot spot effect
Proper inspection through incoming production, outgoing and packaging
Efficiency tested within ± 0.1% accuracy
100% checked for reverse current and visual appearance
Reference cell calibrated from Fraunhofer

Product introduction
Cell Thickness:170μm±20μm
Current Temperature Coefficient: TKcurrent: +0.046%/K
Voltage Temperature Coefficient: TKvoltage: -0.26%/K
Power Temperature Coefficient: TKpower: -0.32%/K
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